Everything Flutter (Part 1) : Introducing Flutter

So, you've heard about Flutter? 
You think it's cool but you're not sure how it can really be of help or where it stands amongst other similar platforms like itself.

This 'Everything Flutter' series is a Flutter-focused walkthrough inspired from the Flutter Study Jam and DevFest events by GDG communities.

In this first part, we'll go through the very basics.
Let's go through a few details.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s mobile SDK that helps developers craft high-quality native experiences across mobile platforms in record time. Flutter is the next step in app development because of its Speed And Performance (Fast, Smooth And Predictable), Flexibility (customization, control), Native Look And Feel (Familiarity, ease of use), and Less Time To Market (Rapid development, free). Flutter is Written In Dart Language.

What Is Dart?

Dart is an open-source web programming language developed by Google. It is a class-based, single-inheritance, object oriented language with C-style syntax. Dart supports interfaces, abstract classes, and optional typing(Dart 1) and strong typing (Dart 2).

Challenges Of Mobile Development Today

If one decides to develop mobile apps to metal approach, one must fund two (Android & IOS) apps i.e two teams, codebases, & investments, inconsistent brand, features i.e different across devices & OEMs and lots more. If One then decides to develop mobile apps to cross platform approach, one experience poor performance i.e slow, jerky, unpredictable, non-native look/feel i.e users can tell the difference and lots more.

What Then Makes Flutter Unique?
  • Compiles To Native Code
  • Compatible With Other Programming Languages
  • Hot Reload and lots more

Who Uses Dart?
  • Google Adwords
  • Adsense Performance Report
  • Adobe
  • Mandrill
  • Google Fiber and lots more

How Flutter Works?

Everything in Flutter is widget. Flutter is basically divided into two types of widget. They are Stateless and Stateful Widget. From this two widget we have a lots of widget. Widget like: Text, AssetImage, Container, Row, Column, Center, Animatable, Scrollable, Icon, Padding, Color and lots more. With Flutter you can develop different type of layouts. Layouts like ListTile (A Single fixed-height row that typically contains some text as well as a leading or trailing icon), Stepper (A material steeper widget that displays progress through a sequence of steps), Divider (A one logical pixel thick horizontal line, with padding on either side) and lots more. With Flutter you can also develop different type of awesome things like simple dialog (This can provide additional details or actions about a list item. For example they can display avatars icons clarifying subtext or orthogonal actions), alert dialog (This are urgent interruptions requiring acknowledgement that inform the user about a situation. The Alert Dialog widget implement this component), bottom sheet (This slide up from the bottom of the screen to reveal more content. You can call showBottomSheet() to implement a persistent bottom sheet) and lots more.

Great Looking And Fast Widget


With Flutter you have no limit to your imagination as Flutter has 200+ application are presently in Play Store. Flutter works on Many IDEs which makes you develop using what you love. IDEs like Android Studio, Visual Studio, Web Storm and lots more.

Flutter Hot Reload (GIF)


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